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Ashlyn Rae – Growing Pains

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Ashlyn Rae

Pain is the breaking of the shell

Everyone wants to have a better life, yet no one seems to want to go through the changes that we humans need to endure to have a truly extraordinary life. Too many people want to hang onto their past emotional baggage, blame everyone else for their
failures and are too lazy to take their lives into their own hands. It is only through “Growing Pains”, that colloquialism that we all know, that we finally can succeed.

“Pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” Khalil Gibran, said in “The Prophet”. The great philosopher, Socrates said nothing would happen without war and pestilence, (i.e. disease).

Pain is required for humans to grow. If you want to understand how much pain is necessary for growth, just ask any mother about childbirth.

Greatness comes from dealing with pain, and allowing it to strengthen us. Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France, in July of 1999. Three years earlier he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer that had spread to his brain, lungs and abdomen. I had watched Lance race for many years in the Tour, and he was never a big winner. However, in 1999, after having faced death and won, he blew away every other great racer and made them all look puny. He went on to win the Tour seven straight times. The pain of fighting cancer had made him stronger than all the other great cyclists in the world. Of course, he would not have beaten the cancer except for the fact that he was a world-class athlete to begin with. Lance Armstrong knew that pain was the road to success, and he accepted that even before he endured cancer.

All organisms get stronger when you try to kill them and fail. In medical realms, we are finding out that the world is running out of antibiotics that can kill our mutated bacteria. The wide spread use of antibiotics, which is a poison to bacteria, has caused bacteria to mutate. The same thing happens when people are exposed to pressure and fight to survive. When the impeachment attempt failed, Bill and Hillary Clinton got stronger. They remain, to this day, two of the most powerful political figures on the world stage.

All around us are examples of how this works. On July 1, 1999, CNN did a fifteen year retrospective on their show, “Pinnacle“. They said if you had bought stocks in the companies founded by the CEOs and multimillionaires featured on the show, you would have made 814% on your money. They ran clips of each of these famous people, and the interesting fact was that they all ascribed their success to the failures and pain that they had
been dealt, such as cancer, loss of family, abandonment, abuse, etc. We only grow and learn from pain and failure. If we survive, it makes us smarter and stronger.

All growth is promoted by pain. Today’s metaphor is “if it doesn’t kill you, it probably makes you stronger.” You better believe this if you are going to have a great life. Since pain and pleasure are received though the same nerve cells, the greater the pain we can endure, the more pleasure we can receive.

Come up to beauty – Ron

Faye Valentine: Photo Lesson

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Faye Valentine

Photo Lesson: Faye Valentine

This was taken with my Canon 5D, set of 1/80 sec, with the f20 Canon zoom EF 28mm 135mm shot at 53mm ISO 400.

There was no sun today, so I put my 2nd Metz flash outside in the rain with Saran wrap on it, so it would not get wet and synched it with my Metz flash on the camera with the photo synch.

This was another good shoot. Hair and makeup took 35 minutes, time to set up 10 minutes, and time to shoot was 10 min. I had my assistant spray water from my hose on the outside of the window. I used a fan on her hair.

The real work comes in Photoshop. When you are shooting mostly skin tones the digital noise is very apparent on skin. So I use my noise reduction filter to remove some of the noise. I use NIK software for noise reduction and then NIK Color efex pro very judiciously.

Then I retouch the biggest blemishes in Photoshop before I reduce the photo to the size I am going to use. I use my NIK shaping filter. Never ever use too much filtering. It’s better to use less than too much of any of these filters.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron

Faye Valentine – Look Around!

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Look around you at your family and friends. If you see only happy people, you do not need this philosophy of living site. If, on the other hand, you see unhappy people, drinking or drugging themselves to sleep every night, who have given up on achieving happiness, whose life is over, then you need this. If you listen carefully and work hard, you will get everything you ever wanted or need.

I have everything I ever wanted and I am very happy. I use no drugs. I hurt no one. I abuse no one. I try to improve the life of everyone that is close to me. To be my friend or partner guarantees that your life will get better and you will get the things you want without lying, cheating, or stealing. No one will get hurt and you will get just about everything you want.

Impossible, you say? You may be right. If you think you cannot achieve what I have, then you cannot achieve it. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, said, “There are two kinds of people, those who think they can and those who think they cannot. And they are both right”. LOL

I am 70 years old, I am healthy, wealthy, and strong. I am also having the best sex of my entire life (most men my age cannot get it up). I am doing what I love best, photographing beautiful young girls for my Internet sites and taking nude photography to a whole new level. Not a re-hash of photos that have been done since cameras were invented in the 1850s, but a new way of looking at the beauty of mother nature, that empowers you with an understanding of how she works.

You do not need to be a scientist or mathematician to understand how everything works, but you must have a curious and open mind. I will show you what makes women stronger than men and what shapes of women’s bodies turn men and women on. This site is devoted to helping men understand who and what women are, (would be mothers). Along the way you will understand who you are. If you want the scientific, anthropological explanation, then go to and buy “Mother Nature” by Sara Blaffer Hardy, Ph.D. This is a profound book that is being used in many institutes of higher learning around the world.

Come Up To Beauty – Ron

Stormy Rose – Canon 5D Update

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Stormy Rose

I am finally getting sharp photos from my new 5D Mark II. They still are not as good as the old 5D right out of the camera. I am also not sure that I like the skin tones I’m getting with the new camera. The old 5D had the best skin tones of any camera on the market. But I am still learning how to color correct them.

The images shot with my telephoto L zoom lens definitely have Chromatic Aberrations, which I can correct in Adobe’s Bridge, before I do any color correction on them. This photo I shot with a prime lens which does not show CA. I bought the 1.4f 50mm Canon lens to see if the lens makes a difference. It does, but who wants to change lenses every three minutes 🙁

Above is a photo of a new girl, her name is Stormy Rose. We flew this girl in from Alabama, and she was true to her name: Stormy 🙂

This photo was shot with my Metz on the camera and a small self contained strobe, both of which were bounced off the ceiling of the white wall behind me, in my bath room. All of the walls in my very sunny house are white, so that the light is soft and beautiful. My studios were always all white including the floor. In a good photo, you can always tell where the light is, by the shadows under the chin and the catch light in the eyes. Having the right lighting, from a correctly placed light source, is crucial to making the difference between a photo and a work of art.

Keep in mind that the most important things that make for great photos are, in descending order; the model, the appropriate lighting, good makeup and hair, and how you handle the model.

When you are handling a model, remember that your personality needs to adapt to the model, so that you can get her to willingly give her best. She (and all women you encounter in life) are not going adapt to you, especially if you are being a DICK!