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The Decline of Fake Porn

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Holly VanHough

The Decline of Fake Porn

The adult industry thinks the 40% (or more) decline in porn revenue is due to the plethora of free porn on the web. ABC News even did a story saying this is the reason for the decline in porn profits.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This time when the recession hit, instead of porn holding its own, it declined because the viewers decided that free fake porn is the same as the paid for fake porn.

Recessions cause consumers to re-evaluate how they spend their money. They still spend money, but since money is scarce they want value for their money. The recession caused the viewers to re-think the intrinsic value of fake porn.

The porn industry has always had only one answer for declining sales: “Make it more hard-core and disgusting!” Fake porn. Low end quality, low end talent. The audience knows it, as well as the companies that make it. It is time for the porn industry to
come to terms with fake porn that has no redeeming value.

Most porn companies have started of shoot only “Gonzo porn”, (ie: amateur looking porn shot the way anyone with a camera can do.) The problem is anyone with a camera IS shooting “gonzo porn” and it is everywhere. So what is the difference? None!

Within the next two years, only porn sites that have a high-end specialty will survive. I own the young, adorable and all natural “Sex Is Beautiful” girl site genre, I have not felt any significant loss in members or retention, while most of the industry is down over 40%. I know what works and I do not resort to disgusting, fake porn to remain on top.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron

Julia Crown – New Nikon

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Julia Crown

Photo Lesson:

I finally got tired of trying to make the photos from the Canon 5D Mark 2 look good. I have been a Canon fan for thirty years. Not any more.

I traded the new 5D 2 in for a Nikon D700 with the 24mm to 120mm and a normal 50mm lens. I am still keeping my old Canon 5D, because it is a great camera. Most of the photos on are from this camera.

The Nikon D700 is not as good as the old 5D Canon, but it will be fine. I think I still like the skin tone on the old Canon 5D better. But I am not willing to say that for sure just yet. The first thing that is much better than the Canon are the controls. The Nikon controls are light years ahead of the Canon’s. From the 51 focus points to the screen and the ease of operating the camera, it is superior. The D700 has the same sensor as the D3, but the dynamic range is crippled. I guess Nikon did this to not eat into the sale of the D3 which costs double the price.

But when you expand the dynamic range in Lightroom you can get the same effects. I do this as much as I can with any digital camera, including the 5D. The skin tones are way too red by default. My guess would be that Asians prefer their skin tones to be a little pink and the market for any camera is for the majority of the world’s races. So we with lighter, more Caucasian skin tones, will just have to fix the photos for ourselves.

The photo above of Julia Crown is from the Nikon D700

Come Up to Beauty – Ron

Gracie Glam – See and Be Seen

Monday, July 13th, 2009


Seeing and being seen

There are three reasons that fashion is important in our society:

1. Clothing is essential to keep you warm and covered from the elements, protecting you from injury.

2. Your choice of fashion style determines what tribe you belong to, giving you visual cultural identification.

3. For women, it covers the unstable and unattractive, masculine body parts that you wish to hide. For men it allows you to cover the unstable and unattractive body parts that you don’t like, usually those that are feminine.

The purpose of all cosmetics, fashion, exercise, and plastic surgery is to make you look younger and more beautiful. As a fashion photographer for my entire adult life, I have received most of my awards because I discovered and photographed the beauty of Mother Nature. However, that beauty was most often enhanced, (or wholly created), by the application of cosmetics, clothing and carefully considered lighting and other effects.

Now that I am working on my own, I allow myself to concentrate on photographing the beauty of Mother Nature in a more pristine state. I am able to work with beautiful young women, who require minimal camouflage to look radiant.

I vividly remember watching a Chris Rock special on HBO a while ago, in which he accused women of lying, since everything they wear is to change thier true appearance so that you will breed with them. Lipstick, perfume, clothes, hair color, breast implants, lip enlargement, nose reduction, their hair styles, etc. While I find the comedy aspect of Mr. Rock’s dialog very funny and very true, I am not as upset by the fact that women enhance their looks to attract a partner as some men must be.

Seeing and being seen is what we all do. When no one is looking at you as a potential breeding partner, your inner wisdom sends you the message that the organism knows it is dying and starts to give you the pain that will kill you. When someone is no longer able to reproduce, their bodies start to deteriorate and then the signs that we call Old Age begin to manifest; bone loss, degenerative diseases, loss of mental clarity and even cancer, start to eat away at your body.

I have spent most of my life around beautiful supermodels and female editors from all the major women’s fashion magazines. I was even Gloria Steinem‘s sexual partner in 1961. I have listened to women and what they are really saying, and learned that whenever a woman says that she is not concerned with her looks, what she really means is that she is doing something that enhances her looks. You see, when a woman is no longer concerned with her looks and doesn’t do anything to make herself look better, that means she is no longer interested in living. Since women as a rule are as interested in remaining alive as men are, you have to look at what she is actually doing, not what she is saying to learn the truth. As always, the actions speak louder than the words.

Come up to beauty – Ron

Kara Duhe – Photo Lesson

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Kara Duhe

There are many photographers out there that are trying to work their way into the “celebrity photographer” category. Since I have been there, and still am there, I feel I have the right and the duty to share what I have learned over my past 40 years as a top
fashion photographer. This is not a self appointed title. I am considered by the main stream media to be one of the world’s experts on beauty. I have personally appeared in; Time Magazine, Newsweek, US News and World Report, USA Today, the Washington Post, New York Times, Boston Globe, Paris Match, Associated Press Magazine, Gear Magazine, Glamor Magazine and People Magazine. I have also appeared on EXTRA, Inside Edition, Good Morning America, Today, CBS This Morning, 20/20, 48 Hours, pieces for Nippon Television and in a one hour, BBC documentary. Over 420 articles and 51 television shows worldwide have featured Ron Harris.

If you are willing to learn from someone who has the credibility and experience to teach you how to be a great photographer, please read further, because what I am going to share with you will make the difference between whether you remain a good
photographer, or move up to become one of the great photographic artists. There are many good books that can teach you the fundamentals of photography but not how to be a great photographer.

There are some things that all photographers need to understand and one of the most important things is this:

Art is not art because you call it art. You are not a photographer just because you are able to make images with a camera any more that a person who owns a knife and can cut steak can call himself or herself a surgeon. I have spent 50 years honing my
skills as an artist. And I am still learning and experimenting. True art always has a new way of looking at the world we live in. All major artists have refined there technical skills to perfection and are able to make great photographs, on demand! Just hoping that you will get lucky, will probably get you nothing. The most high paying photo assignments are never given to “SHOOTERS”. These photographers are hit and miss. No one will pay for this kind of amateur behavior. So rule one is it must be unique and show us the world in a way that helps us understand the human condition. When it comes to the beauty of women and mother nature, it can truly enlighten you about how society works. If you know how society works then you can be successful, because you then have the power of knowledge that can bring you a life worth living.

The second important thing will sound like heresy to most budding photographers, but all great photographers know this is the truth:

Your least important asset is your equipment. Amateur photographers fondle their cameras and talk tech talk all the time. Professional photographers spend their time on the things that matter and it is not about the best camera, or lens. All that you need is one good camera that you can get consistently good results with. My choice is the Canon 5D, and as you that have been reading this blog know, I bought a Canon 5D Mark 2 and have been very disappointed. The 5D Mark 2 has a problem with Chromatic Aberrations, which obscures fine details like hair, so that all the photos I have shot in the last three months look unsharp. Look at this photographers review of the Canon 5D Mark 2, Click on one of the test photos that have trees in it and then expand the photo to full size and you will see what looks like a rainbow around all the small branches in the trees. I still prefer the Canon 5D in many ways. The only other thing that you need is a Metz strobe. Most photographers use too much lighting equipment. Ninety percent of the photographs I have used in the last fifty years, have been shot with one light!

In the next update I will explain how to color correct your photos.

Come Up To Beauty – Ron

Meggan Malone – Photo Lesson

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Meggan Malone

Well I have spent two months trying to get the quality from my new Canon 5D 2 to at least match what I was getting from my old Canon 5D.

I have run numerous tests, bought prime lens (which I never use) and tried all kinds of new RAW conversion software. And I am finally giving up and will be using the new camera as backup only.

The photos are not sharp and the skin tones are terrible with the Canon 5D2. I have been shooting nude photos for 13 years and have shot tens of thousands of photos in that time. I deal with girls of many ethnic backgrounds and girls with many variations of a suntan and the only camera that I can get great skin-tones from is the Canon 5D1. I hope Canon fixes the problem with their new editions.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron

Kara Duhe – Photo Lesson

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Kara Duhe

Photo Lesson:

Kara Duhe is under a long-term, exclusive contract to my company. I have only found one girl (Kara Duhe!) who has all the attributes that makes a great model. Personality, natural beauty, an honestly beautiful smile and a perfect, healthy body. She is also not a slut. Kara is my members’ favorite model and my personal muse.

Picking models is probably the most important aspect of taking good photographs. No matter how connected you are to model agents and how well respected you are, it is finding the model that will give you her best and that looks good on camera. Getting and picking only the best, is the trick.

In the last 13 years (my first site was live on the web May 21, 1996), I have found the most beautiful models available to shoot. Sometimes I also have had trouble finding the “perfect” model, but I’ve learned to work with all types of personalities. I never give up and neither should you. Keep looking they do exist, but they are hard to find. You should also remember that YOU will have to change to get a model to work well with you. Sometimes a potentially perfect model is already right in front of you; you just don’t know how to work with her.

And if you are looking for a girl friend like Kara, they you need to begin to make yourself into someone who can match her qualities. The sooner you begin to make your self into a great person the sooner you will find girls like Kara. This is true not only in choosing your models, but also in your personal life.

Come Up to Beauty! – Ron

Faye Valentine: Photo Lesson

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Faye Valentine

Photo Lesson: Faye Valentine

This was taken with my Canon 5D, set of 1/80 sec, with the f20 Canon zoom EF 28mm 135mm shot at 53mm ISO 400.

There was no sun today, so I put my 2nd Metz flash outside in the rain with Saran wrap on it, so it would not get wet and synched it with my Metz flash on the camera with the photo synch.

This was another good shoot. Hair and makeup took 35 minutes, time to set up 10 minutes, and time to shoot was 10 min. I had my assistant spray water from my hose on the outside of the window. I used a fan on her hair.

The real work comes in Photoshop. When you are shooting mostly skin tones the digital noise is very apparent on skin. So I use my noise reduction filter to remove some of the noise. I use NIK software for noise reduction and then NIK Color efex pro very judiciously.

Then I retouch the biggest blemishes in Photoshop before I reduce the photo to the size I am going to use. I use my NIK shaping filter. Never ever use too much filtering. It’s better to use less than too much of any of these filters.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron

Kara Duhe – Photo Lesson

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Kara Duhe

A simple setup; one beautiful girl, with a beautiful soul. This was taken with a Metz flash on the Canon 5D camera ISO 400. I used a 1/200sec f18 setting, with the Canon Zoom lens ED 28mm – 135mm shot at 70mm.

Then your only job is to get a one in a million smile from Kara. It lights up my life when I can get her to smile like this.

Come Up To Beauty – Ron

Nikki Brooks

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Nikki Brooks

I love to shoot with dance music playing loud in the studio; it keeps the mood light and happy. When a model is unhappy, her face shows her unhappiness.

As a fashion photograph in New York for most of my life, I was considered to be only as good as my last photo. It did not matter that the model was on her period, had just broken up with her boy friend and had spent the last 10 hours on a plane from where she was doing the fashion shows in Milan, Italy, for the last ten days, to get to the shoot… I MUST GET THE PHOTO NO MATTER WHAT.

I lived under these conditions for most of my natural life. I was one of the top paid fashion photographers for many years. Watch the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” and you will see what my clients were like. 🙂 It didn’t matter if they were psychotic; I had to get a great PHOTO. And if I failed, it would not be the model’s fault. (The model probably had a multi-million dollar contract with the cosmetic company and if they blamed her, they would then have a multitude of contract law suits to deal with. Plus it is much easier to say I will not use that photographer again to their bosses if the photos weren’t perfect, since I was not in the room and I was expendable.) No model is going to change herself to give you what you need. You need to change yourself to get from her what you need. So I got used to getting the model in a happy mood where she felt beautiful and safe. This is the most important aspect of any successful photograph: The model’s mood.

Nikki Brooks loved the Disco music that was playing, so we were play-dancing in this photo. She was very cute and this helped set the mood 🙂 Because we liked each other and there were no psychological problems that I needed to contend with to make her feel beautiful and safe, the shooting was very productive. We were able to get six photo sets and a couple of great double orgasm videos, in only 4.5 hours. I used one strobe on the camera and my METZ, to fill in the natural daylight streaming through my house.

You need to create a relaxed setting that puts the model at ease in your studio. You don’t want a dozen people running around, as that can upset your girl with all of the noise and extra bodies. I work with one great assistant and a fabulous makeup and hair guy, who helps me set the mood for the shoot, since all the models like him and he makes them look beautiful. You can see by the shot above that Nikki was happy and that is what makes a perfect photograph.

Come up to beauty – r

Stormy Rose – Canon 5D Update

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Stormy Rose

I am finally getting sharp photos from my new 5D Mark II. They still are not as good as the old 5D right out of the camera. I am also not sure that I like the skin tones I’m getting with the new camera. The old 5D had the best skin tones of any camera on the market. But I am still learning how to color correct them.

The images shot with my telephoto L zoom lens definitely have Chromatic Aberrations, which I can correct in Adobe’s Bridge, before I do any color correction on them. This photo I shot with a prime lens which does not show CA. I bought the 1.4f 50mm Canon lens to see if the lens makes a difference. It does, but who wants to change lenses every three minutes 🙁

Above is a photo of a new girl, her name is Stormy Rose. We flew this girl in from Alabama, and she was true to her name: Stormy 🙂

This photo was shot with my Metz on the camera and a small self contained strobe, both of which were bounced off the ceiling of the white wall behind me, in my bath room. All of the walls in my very sunny house are white, so that the light is soft and beautiful. My studios were always all white including the floor. In a good photo, you can always tell where the light is, by the shadows under the chin and the catch light in the eyes. Having the right lighting, from a correctly placed light source, is crucial to making the difference between a photo and a work of art.

Keep in mind that the most important things that make for great photos are, in descending order; the model, the appropriate lighting, good makeup and hair, and how you handle the model.

When you are handling a model, remember that your personality needs to adapt to the model, so that you can get her to willingly give her best. She (and all women you encounter in life) are not going adapt to you, especially if you are being a DICK!