Kara Duhe – Photo Lesson

Kara Duhe

A simple setup; one beautiful girl, with a beautiful soul. This was taken with a Metz flash on the Canon 5D camera ISO 400. I used a 1/200sec f18 setting, with the Canon Zoom lens ED 28mm – 135mm shot at 70mm.

Then your only job is to get a one in a million smile from Kara. It lights up my life when I can get her to smile like this.

Come Up To Beauty – Ron

Faye Valentine – Look Around!

Look around you at your family and friends. If you see only happy people, you do not need this philosophy of living site. If, on the other hand, you see unhappy people, drinking or drugging themselves to sleep every night, who have given up on achieving happiness, whose life is over, then you need this. If you listen carefully and work hard, you will get everything you ever wanted or need.

I have everything I ever wanted and I am very happy. I use no drugs. I hurt no one. I abuse no one. I try to improve the life of everyone that is close to me. To be my friend or partner guarantees that your life will get better and you will get the things you want without lying, cheating, or stealing. No one will get hurt and you will get just about everything you want.

Impossible, you say? You may be right. If you think you cannot achieve what I have, then you cannot achieve it. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, said, “There are two kinds of people, those who think they can and those who think they cannot. And they are both right”. LOL

I am 70 years old, I am healthy, wealthy, and strong. I am also having the best sex of my entire life (most men my age cannot get it up). I am doing what I love best, photographing beautiful young girls for my Internet sites and taking nude photography to a whole new level. Not a re-hash of photos that have been done since cameras were invented in the 1850s, but a new way of looking at the beauty of mother nature, that empowers you with an understanding of how she works.

You do not need to be a scientist or mathematician to understand how everything works, but you must have a curious and open mind. I will show you what makes women stronger than men and what shapes of women’s bodies turn men and women on. This site is devoted to helping men understand who and what women are, (would be mothers). Along the way you will understand who you are. If you want the scientific, anthropological explanation, then go to Amazon.com and buy “Mother Nature” by Sara Blaffer Hardy, Ph.D. This is a profound book that is being used in many institutes of higher learning around the world.

Come Up To Beauty – Ron

Kara Duhe – What Women Want

Kara Duhe

Why are women always unhappy?

When I was a young man, I overheard a conversation about “What Women Want”. It ended with the conclusion, “Women want a baby and an asshole to pay for it all”.

After thinking about this for 50 years, I have come to the same conclusion. But it is not enough to know the answer to the question “What Women Want”, what’s more important is to discover why this is true.

As a fashion photographer for most of my life, I did at least 3,000 makeover photo sessions for women’s magazines such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Vogue. I learned that women read women’s fashion magazines to compare their bodies to the supermodels. Women want to see what the supermodels have that they do not have, and why the supermodels get the most desirable men. ie: Money, Power and Looks.

An attractive woman can get the kind of man she wants, but the less attractive a woman is, the less likely it is that she is going to get her ideal man. Women have two criteria when looking for a man. One, a man must have a job or have the knowledge and drive to get one. And, two, he must have a body that compliments hers, so that her baby will not have the same unattractive features that she thinks she has.

Short, fat women always want tall, thin men if they have the attractiveness or money, (although women hate paying for sex), to get their ideal man. A woman who does not like her big, disproportionate nose seeks a man with a small, perfectly proportioned nose, and so on. However, if the man is prettier than the woman, the woman has no power over him. Most smart women know they must have sexual power over their man. The man may be paying the bills, but in America women are the CEOs of the family.

Since women must make up their mind on who would provide them with the most beautiful children before they are thirty-five, they have a limited time frame in which to get what they need. Granted, women can have babies after thirty-five, but the likelihood of the baby having defective genes is much greater after thirty-five. Ten percent of an eighteen year old woman’s genes are defective, and this rises to ninety percent defective genes after a woman reaches thirty-five. The more a woman smokes and drinks, the faster her genes deteriorate. This is also true of a man’s sperm as you get older, but the time frame for a man is longer, sometimes into their seventies.

Since most women are not supermodels, they realize early on that their choices are limited. The more unattractive, obese and old they are, the less likely they will get what they want. It is similar to guys who are not great looking and have no money. They are going to have to settle for less than they desire.

So let’s look at why women are always unhappy. (I think that this can be said with some degree of truth, since most anti-depressant drugs are sold to women). Every year in a woman’s life makes her look older and more unattractive, so every year, when they leave the house (and check their ass in the mirror), they realize time is running out on them. The cosmetic industry is one of the biggest in the world. Most skin products promise to remove wrinkles and make women look younger. This is completely understandable, when taken into account that almost every year women become less desirable. Men also begin to look older and, subsequently, have a more difficult time getting women. But men tend to make more money as they get older, and women need money to take care of their children.

The latest statistics from genetic testing show that fifteen percent of the fathers that are listed on a birth certificate are not the actual fathers. (FYI – women who cheat on
their mates are most likely to do it during the final week before their period, when they are most likely to get pregnant).

Now what do women want? Erase from your mind that being a great lover with a big dick is what women want. Most women prefer their vibrator and close their eyes when they are coming. (Men never close there eyes when they are coming.) If you are not independently wealthy already, you will have to have a job, or the ability and determination to get one. And you will have to offer a woman your good genes that will give her beautiful children.

If you are a man and looking for a women to take care of you “like your mother did”, then you are probably going to be disappointed. Women love their children before you. In a woman’s priority list, first she takes care of herself, then her children, and then you, if you are lucky. If you have not provided for her in the way she expected to be taken care of and have not been the perfect husband, then you will move further down the pecking order of a woman’s dance card.

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Kara Duhe – Sexual Selection

Kara Duhe

Kara Duhe, our exclusive model, has the sweetest smile. And can you tell it is real? 🙂 Look at all of the photos on her official site, KaraDuhe.com, and you will see that she is truly happy in all of her photo sets and videos.

Most photography, and especially erotic photography, is so fake it turns me off the moment I see it. I actually know photographers that tell everyone that they only shoot “genuine emotions and real orgasms”. The problem is they, themselves, are so fake that they do not know the difference between fake and real any more.

As a director/photographer it is my duty to get from the model all that she is capable of giving. I don’t demand it. I work with the girls to help them express themselves. I try to make their photography session the most pleasurable experience for them that I can. I make it easy for them to “give it up” for the camera.

The Chemistry of Attraction: Do you know that I can tell what body type you are attracted to in a mate by looking at you? I have spent most of my life studying the beauty of Mother Nature and attraction. Darwin called it “Sexual Selection“, and I have been fascinated by it to the point that I now have a theory of “Sexual Selection” that works. Want to know how it works? Then keep coming back to my blog and you will start to understand how Mother Nature is guiding you, even if you don’t realize it.

The first element is looking at who you are attracted to and honestly asking yourself if you have what it takes to get the man/woman of your dreams. Most of us settle for far less than what we really desire and this is what causes most relationships to break up.

Stay tuned and you will know the truth behind the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I will strip away the political correctness that is denying you true happiness. 🙂

Come Up To Beauty – Ron

Nikki Brooks

Nikki Brooks

I love to shoot with dance music playing loud in the studio; it keeps the mood light and happy. When a model is unhappy, her face shows her unhappiness.

As a fashion photograph in New York for most of my life, I was considered to be only as good as my last photo. It did not matter that the model was on her period, had just broken up with her boy friend and had spent the last 10 hours on a plane from where she was doing the fashion shows in Milan, Italy, for the last ten days, to get to the shoot… I MUST GET THE PHOTO NO MATTER WHAT.

I lived under these conditions for most of my natural life. I was one of the top paid fashion photographers for many years. Watch the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” and you will see what my clients were like. 🙂 It didn’t matter if they were psychotic; I had to get a great PHOTO. And if I failed, it would not be the model’s fault. (The model probably had a multi-million dollar contract with the cosmetic company and if they blamed her, they would then have a multitude of contract law suits to deal with. Plus it is much easier to say I will not use that photographer again to their bosses if the photos weren’t perfect, since I was not in the room and I was expendable.) No model is going to change herself to give you what you need. You need to change yourself to get from her what you need. So I got used to getting the model in a happy mood where she felt beautiful and safe. This is the most important aspect of any successful photograph: The model’s mood.

Nikki Brooks loved the Disco music that was playing, so we were play-dancing in this photo. She was very cute and this helped set the mood 🙂 Because we liked each other and there were no psychological problems that I needed to contend with to make her feel beautiful and safe, the shooting was very productive. We were able to get six photo sets and a couple of great double orgasm videos, in only 4.5 hours. I used one strobe on the camera and my METZ, to fill in the natural daylight streaming through my house.

You need to create a relaxed setting that puts the model at ease in your studio. You don’t want a dozen people running around, as that can upset your girl with all of the noise and extra bodies. I work with one great assistant and a fabulous makeup and hair guy, who helps me set the mood for the shoot, since all the models like him and he makes them look beautiful. You can see by the shot above that Nikki was happy and that is what makes a perfect photograph.

Come up to beauty – r

Nikki Brooks – FINALLY!

Nikki Brooks

Not every shoot goes exactly as you would like it to. After a couple of duds, we finally got lucky with Nikki Brooks. This brunette is a ball of fire that we found in Florida. She’s free as a bird, full of life and she’s lusty. The team and I had a great time with her.

Nikki gave us two absolutely stunning dual orgasms on video and we produced six photo sets for RonHarris.com, and they were all done by 1 pm. When you have a great model and everything clicks between you and the girl, things go smoothly and you wrap ahead of schedule.

My website members are going to love this girl. Nikki has a great body, (fabulously hot, natural breasts and a beautiful va-jay-jay), along with her sweet and endearing personality. She’s smart too, just the way we all like them.

Students of life and sex will want to listen carefully to the backstage video and learn what turns Nikki on, (you might find out something you need to know about women in what she’s saying.) Men get confused when it comes to what attracts women and how to turn them on sexually. No, this is not about sports, cars or the latest video game: It is about how to keep your girl wanting more SEX.

Women know more about you than you could ever imagine. Every woman’s magazine is telling them what to do to seduce you and get you to tow the line. It is time for you to wake up and find the rainbow that you have been missing. Through my websites and this blog, (and some other projects that are in the works), we will help you find the way. 🙂

Come up to beauty – r

Stormy Rose – Canon 5D Update

Stormy Rose

I am finally getting sharp photos from my new 5D Mark II. They still are not as good as the old 5D right out of the camera. I am also not sure that I like the skin tones I’m getting with the new camera. The old 5D had the best skin tones of any camera on the market. But I am still learning how to color correct them.

The images shot with my telephoto L zoom lens definitely have Chromatic Aberrations, which I can correct in Adobe’s Bridge, before I do any color correction on them. This photo I shot with a prime lens which does not show CA. I bought the 1.4f 50mm Canon lens to see if the lens makes a difference. It does, but who wants to change lenses every three minutes 🙁

Above is a photo of a new girl, her name is Stormy Rose. We flew this girl in from Alabama, and she was true to her name: Stormy 🙂

This photo was shot with my Metz on the camera and a small self contained strobe, both of which were bounced off the ceiling of the white wall behind me, in my bath room. All of the walls in my very sunny house are white, so that the light is soft and beautiful. My studios were always all white including the floor. In a good photo, you can always tell where the light is, by the shadows under the chin and the catch light in the eyes. Having the right lighting, from a correctly placed light source, is crucial to making the difference between a photo and a work of art.

Keep in mind that the most important things that make for great photos are, in descending order; the model, the appropriate lighting, good makeup and hair, and how you handle the model.

When you are handling a model, remember that your personality needs to adapt to the model, so that you can get her to willingly give her best. She (and all women you encounter in life) are not going adapt to you, especially if you are being a DICK!

Kara Duhe – Beauty = Survival

Kara Duhe

Kara Duhe is the type of woman that many men would love to procreate with. She is beautiful, and she would produce beautiful children for them.

I went back and re-read Dear Prudence’s answer to “Skinny Bitch” and it made me think about how no one likes to admit that when it comes to Procreation, women naturally practice “Sexual Selection”.

Why do women seek out the best looking man they can get to mate with them? We are all biologically programmed to seek the best genes to produce children that are more beautiful and intelligent than we are, ourselves.

Breeding for superiority of genetics is what Darwin meant when he was talking about “Natural Selection” and “Survival of the Fittest”. Beautiful children live longer and have a better chance of getting the choice of genetically superior mates, that the less attractive do not get. Therefore they have a better chance of getting more children to maturity, than the others do. Natural selection works for the smartest mothers.

Females of all species are always consciously choosing the best males to provide good genetics for their offspring. What always causes controversy is when someone is upfront about it. This is especially true if the person who is looking for a mate based on beauty is male!

The reason women do not want the facts of how they choose their partners known, is because it would allow men to think the same way! To keep this from happening, they use the argument “you are being superficial” to convince men that they should not choose a woman for her physical beauty alone, that beauty is on the inside. The argument they pose is also to convince themselves that it is not what women do in their selection of who to procreate with.

Since most people are unattractive they do not want to accept that women might be using “Sexual Selection” as described by Darwin. Darwin said that access to the most desirable mate for sex and procreation is fundamental to “Natural Selection”. Offspring tend to resemble parents, including the characteristics their parents pass on that influence success in the struggle to survive and reproduce. Parents possessing certain traits that enable them to survive and reproduce will contribute disproportionately to total of offspring that make up the next generation.

In our time, that means physically beautiful people are the most desirable, therefore it is wise for us to choose beauty as a desirable trait in our progeny. It makes many people angry that I should dare to say this.

This is the real reason that my Ron’s Angels egg auction site that provided supermodel eggs to those who wanted to purchase them, caused such a controversy. Ron’s Angels was created as an alternative for women like “Skinny Bitch” who said to Dear Prudence; I am looking for a more attractive man than my husband to have children with, because I want beautiful children.

I believe that this is happening in many more cases than most people would like to admit. Genetic testing is showing that 20% of all the fathers that are listed on the birth certificate are not the actual fathers. That means 1 out of 5 children born today are not related to the men named on their birth certificate.

Come up to beauty – r

Misty Anderson – The Best Thrive

Misty Anderson

If you went to Harvard Business School, you would learn in Business 101 that when industries mature only the best of the businesses in that industry survive.

Now that the adult industry is mature and the world wide economy is tanking. The industry as a whole is reported to be down by approximately forty percent (40%) since last September.

It has been over twelve years since I set out to present the best Erotic internet sites in the world, and it is obvious that my sites are still proving that “only the best survive”. Sales are rising on all of my sites, and we are doing better this past February and March than we were last September.

Part of the reason why my sites are still outperforming so many others, is because of the beautiful girls that I shoot and how I am able to make them feel, so they reveal their true beauty.

Misty Anderson is a perfect example. She’s beautiful, sexy, smart and very together. What a dream come true. About every two years or so, there is one that comes through my doors: a girl who is really a supermodel and a super person. I shot nine test photos in two minutes with Misty, and this is one of them.

I have her scheduled for a full shoot next Wednesday and I know our shooting will be very special.

Come Up To Beauty – r

Kara Duhe – My Thoughts

Kara Duhe

She knows exactly what I like. Very HOT. Adorably playful and full of life, she loves to tease.

Blogging gives me a chance to organize my thoughts on life, power, women and sex.

Working with Kara has reminded me that everything women and men do is related to procreation. Kara has all of the hallmarks of “Perfect Beauty”. Young, healthy, intelligent, she has a symmetrical face and a well proportioned body that gives men the signal that she’s suitable to mate. It doesn’t matter if they are looking at her on a website for pleasure, that is the biological appeal that makes them look at her.

Kara is the one who will do the choosing however. The woman is always the one to choose who to procreate with. And for women, there is a drive to choose from those that can provide for her and her progeny financially, as well as physical attributes that produce beautiful children.

We all want to have children with beautiful people. Just watch television and you will see that we are only interested in looking at beautiful people. Television anchors, stars, supermodels, divas. We live for this stuff on E! Entertainment. That is where our biological game plan comes from. We are genetically programmed to seek out an Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt for procreation, to enhance Darwin’s “Natural Selection” theory. This is the candy; this is the goal of all life forms. You are watching evolution at work at E! Entertainment. “Natural Selection” is choosing partners with genes that are healthy and beautiful.

Here is a letter from the internet that proves what I am saying is true. The majority of women out there feel the same, but won’t come out and say it!

Dear Prudence,
My boyfriend and I are in a healthy and loving relationship, and we are beginning to talk about marriage. We both want the same number of kids at the same point in our lives. It is presumed that these will be our biological children. The issue is, I’m not sure that I would want to bear my boyfriend’s children. While he is incredibly intelligent and has a great personality, he is markedly less physically attractive than I am…. from Skinny Bitch. http://www.slate.com/id/2213435/?GT1=38001