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Nikita – Gravity is God


There is growing evidence that space travel outside of our Solar System and into the space between stars is impossible. I know you have been programmed by Steven Spielberg and Hollywood to believe that space travel is the new frontier. It is time for you to give up these romantic notions that our society uses to control you. There is no higher power, no magic, no space travel, no ET. Give it up. You will be much better off if you learn how nature works and deal directly with the power. Gravity is the closest thing that exists to the human perception of God.

To travel in space you must be born there. Six months is space leads to bone loss that might not be reversible. A year in space would make you unable to crawl when you got there, wherever there may be. But assuming that they find a way to add artificial gravity to your space journey. There is still the problem of the fact that atoms are like balloons, which change size based upon the total mass of the solar system in which they exist. If the mass of a solar system is greater than ours, then the atoms are smaller, or if the mass is less the atoms are bigger. This is the fundamental basis of Einstein’s E=Mc2. When your space ship starts to go between solar systems it is going to the space between solar systems where the mass is non-existant and the atoms of which you are made would simply disintigrate since there would be no mass to keep them together.

Every step you take is in response to a fall toward earth; your next step catches the fall. Every muscle in your body has been created under the effects of gravity so that you may run and walk around. The latest research from the space shuttle has shown that tadpoles born in space have their heads in the wrong place. When plants are grown in space, their roots go in all directions. Without gravity pulling on atoms and our DNA, there is no possibility of life.

I have often thought that the Catholic Church, and all of our other religions, knew for thousands of years that gravity is God. The sign of the cross is a perfect example: You symbolize the Father as you point up to our sun, the Son as you point down to the earth under your feet.

The Holy Ghost, (or the unseen force of nature), is in the horizontal crossing you make to form the finished cross. Though unseen, these great thinkers could readily see signs of this force of nature in their water glasses. When you tilt the glass, the water remains horizontal with the ground. This is because gravity exerts its force and will keep the water in a set pattern, relative to the force. And, of course, the only force that science has been unable to measure is gravity. Gravity cannot be blocked, so it passes through everything and, at the same time, it affects all matter and life on earth.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron

Meggan Malone – Photo Lesson

Meggan Malone

Well I have spent two months trying to get the quality from my new Canon 5D 2 to at least match what I was getting from my old Canon 5D.

I have run numerous tests, bought prime lens (which I never use) and tried all kinds of new RAW conversion software. And I am finally giving up and will be using the new camera as backup only.

The photos are not sharp and the skin tones are terrible with the Canon 5D2. I have been shooting nude photos for 13 years and have shot tens of thousands of photos in that time. I deal with girls of many ethnic backgrounds and girls with many variations of a suntan and the only camera that I can get great skin-tones from is the Canon 5D1. I hope Canon fixes the problem with their new editions.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron

Kara Duhe – Photo Lesson

Kara Duhe

Photo Lesson:

Kara Duhe is under a long-term, exclusive contract to my company. I have only found one girl (Kara Duhe!) who has all the attributes that makes a great model. Personality, natural beauty, an honestly beautiful smile and a perfect, healthy body. She is also not a slut. Kara is my members’ favorite model and my personal muse.

Picking models is probably the most important aspect of taking good photographs. No matter how connected you are to model agents and how well respected you are, it is finding the model that will give you her best and that looks good on camera. Getting and picking only the best, is the trick.

In the last 13 years (my first site was live on the web May 21, 1996), I have found the most beautiful models available to shoot. Sometimes I also have had trouble finding the “perfect” model, but I’ve learned to work with all types of personalities. I never give up and neither should you. Keep looking they do exist, but they are hard to find. You should also remember that YOU will have to change to get a model to work well with you. Sometimes a potentially perfect model is already right in front of you; you just don’t know how to work with her.

And if you are looking for a girl friend like Kara, they you need to begin to make yourself into someone who can match her qualities. The sooner you begin to make your self into a great person the sooner you will find girls like Kara. This is true not only in choosing your models, but also in your personal life.

Come Up to Beauty! – Ron

Holly Van Hough – By Nature

Holly Van Hough

Understanding women is the key to having a good relationship with women. Once you have a good relationship with women, you will have a better life, and you will also have better sex.

If you want to understand why women are the way they are, you need to be enlightened and the best place to start would be with reading “Mother Nature: Natural Selection & The Female of the Species” by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, Phd.

Instead of being like most men and finding it difficult to communicate with your female partner, you will start to understand what is really going on. Women are the ones who buy self-help books to understand you and get what they want from you and from life. The one truth that you need to understand about women is that every woman is a would be mother. Hrdy says in “Mother Nature” : “Mothers are flexible, manipulative, opportunists.”

Women will never tell you the entire truth behind why they do the things they do and why they think the things they think. But if you know what is going on, you will no longer be angry with them because you feel like you are being lied to. You will not expect them to give you what they cannot give. This is the only way to have a completely honest relationship with a woman. And once you understand the motivation behind what women do, you will get more sex.

I have read many books. I have spoken to many people, (both women and men), about life and what they want in life. Most of all, I have listened to many women throughout my life. During the 70 years that I have been alive, I have learned that the statement, “Through Truth you will find Beauty” is probably the single most complete and understandable key to living a better life. And behind that statement is the truth that natural selection has forged every aspect of humankind since the days of “Adam and Eve.” I know that I am on the road to Truth, not bull shit.

There is a book on the market that I found searching today, and which I am going to read. “The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the Evolution of Human Nature” by Geoffrey Miller, Phd, appears to give credence to what I have been saying all along. There is even a name for the field that I have been studying for so long: Evolutionary Psychology. Publishers Weekly says of this book: “Miller looks at several kinds of sexual selection. “Romantic” behavior like the making of complex art wouldn’t have helped our ancestors find more food or avoid predators. It might, however, have helped display the fitness of proto-men for the proto-women with whom they wanted to mate–and vice versa… Miller provides an articulate and memorable case for the role of sexual selection in determining human behaviors.”

After I have read it, I’ll post what I think of “The Mating Mind” and how much it matches with what I have learned through my own education about Darwinism, sexual selection and how much further it takes me to finding Truth and Beauty.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron

Kara Duhe – Men’s Health

Kara Duhe

Women everywhere understand that “Women’s job is men” LOL. They know all about men and what men want, how men’s minds work, and how to get men to take care of their children. This is all part of the maternal instinct, as Sarah Hardy wrote in her book, “Mother Nature“. In many cases, they even know more about how to keep a man healthy than men know themselves. They get this information from the women’s magazines, on the internet and from listening to their mothers and their grandmothers.

Most men know nothing about women. They don’t try to learn from books, magazines, friends or their fathers. Their father doesn’t know any more about women than his son who is asking the question, so that doesn’t help any way. No wonder men everywhere are complaining that they are not getting enough sex.

Men rarely even know much about themselves. The male body and how to maintain a man’s physical health isn’t the most widely discussed topic in men’s magazines.

Why is a healthy sex life important for a man? Did you know that if you do not empty your prostrate twice a week your risk of getting prostate cancer increases dramatically? This story in WebMD’s News Archive discusses the fact that medical research suggests frequent ejaculation may help protect the prostate. You can read the full report here:

They forgot to mention that sperm has an “LDL cholesterol profile”, the bad kind of cholesterol, and when you do not get it out of you body, it goes back into the bloodstream as LDL cholesterol which hardens and clogs you arteries. Happy heart attack! LOL

This means that it is in every man’s best interest to learn to understand women. You must put as much effort into understanding as much as you possibly can about women, as they do into understanding men. Not only will it improve your sex, but you will also improve your health!

Come Up to Beauty – Ron

Faye Valentine: Photo Lesson

Faye Valentine

Photo Lesson: Faye Valentine

This was taken with my Canon 5D, set of 1/80 sec, with the f20 Canon zoom EF 28mm 135mm shot at 53mm ISO 400.

There was no sun today, so I put my 2nd Metz flash outside in the rain with Saran wrap on it, so it would not get wet and synched it with my Metz flash on the camera with the photo synch.

This was another good shoot. Hair and makeup took 35 minutes, time to set up 10 minutes, and time to shoot was 10 min. I had my assistant spray water from my hose on the outside of the window. I used a fan on her hair.

The real work comes in Photoshop. When you are shooting mostly skin tones the digital noise is very apparent on skin. So I use my noise reduction filter to remove some of the noise. I use NIK software for noise reduction and then NIK Color efex pro very judiciously.

Then I retouch the biggest blemishes in Photoshop before I reduce the photo to the size I am going to use. I use my NIK shaping filter. Never ever use too much filtering. It’s better to use less than too much of any of these filters.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron

Kara Duhe – Want Success?

Kara Duhe

What is it you want? An ordinary life or an extraordinary life? The rich and famous live 15% longer than the not rich and famous. The difference between success and no success, is the way you think. Anything is possible if you believe it is.

All of us need to re-think who we are every week. It should be obvious to any thinking person, that there is no happily ever after, there is no retirement, nothing lasts forever. If you don’t get it now as the world economy collapses, you must learn it fast or you will never get it. I’ll bet you believed that buying a house was more secure then renting. There is no security as housing prices drop to 50% and your IRA drops to 50% and your wife and kids want to leave you.

The only thing you ever have is what you can make with your own hands. You can not expect the government or an employer to take care of you for the rest of your life. So start a business and go to work and stop believing society’s romantic notions. Society wants you to believe their lies, so they can find you to pay your bills and pay for your kids and wife. Helen Fisher PHD Anthropologist says, “Romance is what society uses to keep you around ‘til your kids grow up.” And you thought you weren’t paying for sex! LOL. Start a small business and work 14 hour days and love what you are doing. Live for today.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron

Kara Duhe – Spheres and Beauty

Kara Duhe

In the last blog post, I was talking about the mathematics of beauty and that it is quantifiable and measurable.

To all of us living in the 21st Century, Beauty is defined by the shape, symmetry and spatial proportion of the subject. Shapes, particularly spherical and elliptical designs, are the best measure of the human form. With this ability to measure the human body, it becomes very easy to understand the fundamental difference between men and women.

The female anatomy is more spherical than that of the male. This means that the female biology has more structural strength than the male. Pound for pound they are stronger. Ask your dentist who can withstand the most pain? The female body can withstand more G forces than males. In World War II, only men suffered from shell shock.

Males are more susceptible to genetic disorders such as Hemophilia and color blindness, and even left-handedness. In most encounters, I’ve noticed that men are more emotional than women. Women experience less physical and emotional pain than men do. Childbirth would probably kill a man.

Take a long, straight, silky piece of hair. If you examine a cross section of the hair, you will find it is near to being perfectly round.

Take a curly piece of hair and you will find that the cross section is elliptical. An elliptical shape can curve, whereas a round spherical shape cannot. The instability causes the hair to curl; thus, it is unstable.

A similar example would be a drinking straw. When the straw is straight the cross section is a near perfect circle. As you bend the straw, the sections at or near the bend become more elliptical until it becomes so unstable that the straw collapses at the bend, which is the most elliptical and weakest point. Mathematically speaking an ellipse is nothing more than a failed sphere.

As a generalization, the most desired women in the world have long, strong, straight hair. Most of today’s supermodels have long, straight hair.

By understanding how the mathematics of Beauty work, you begin to understand Mother Nature as a whole. Once you understand Mother Nature, you will begin to understand life, and how to have a better life yourself.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron

Misty Anderson – What is beauty?

Misty Anderson

What is beauty and why does everyone want it?

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I dislike this statement intensely. On the surface it is true, but the moment this and other cliches are spoken, the conversation stops.

I am an expert as to what beauty is and I tell you now that it is measurable and quantifiable. It is mathematical, and, when you know what beauty is, you can predict the outcome of many relationships, especially long term male-female relationships.

If you want healthy attractive children you need to know how this works. After all, procreation is the driving force behind everything women and men do. I will repeat myself many times, because this is the key to living a better life and having better sex: What is the key to understanding women? All women are would be mothers!

In 1972 Rene Thom, (one of the Worlds leading mathematicians) said in his book “‘Structural Stability and Morphogenesis’, “The masculine sex has a more elliptic nature than the feminine sex: perhaps this can explain why males are more hairy than their mates and are biologically more fragile”. [pg. 99]

As an amateur scientist and a professional artist at the top of my profession, I was immediately struck by Mr. Thom’s profound statement. This idea became my passion and has brought me closer than I would ever have dreamed to an understanding of life.

Shapes, particularly spherical and elliptical designs, are the best measure of the human form. With this ability to measure the human body, it becomes very easy to understand the fundamental difference between men and women.

I realized that what Mr. Thom was saying about male and female organs could just as easily be said about the fundamental shapes of their bodies. Consequently it should be possible to measure the shapes of our cells to ascertain the structural stability of our individual bodies, giving us new insight into our longevity and behavior.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron

Keeping Sex Alive

Nikki Brooks

No I am not Hugh Heffner and as much as you might think that I have sex with the girls I shoot, nothing could be further from the truth. The girls are safe with me, I never try to seduce them, I don’t even touch them. It is important to me that my reputation is impeccable. Because of my reputation, I am able to get the newest and freshest girls, because their agents know that shooting with me is a safe and pleasant introduction into the business. I often hear from new girls that they have heard from other girls that their photo shoots with me were the best shoots they’ve ever had. You would be wise to adopt the same ethics that I do, when you are working with models. You will get top quality models to work with you.

But after 40 years of shooting women, I have learned to understand women. When I talk about sex and what you need to know to have better sex, it is not from the fact that I have taken advantage of any of the women that pose for my camera. It is because I listen and learn from the women that are before my camera and from my own experiences in my personal life.

Most people do not understand that everything in nature is either growing or dying. This is particularly true with sex. Both parties must be working on experimenting and prolonging the sexual karma that you have. I will show you how to do this, so that 10 years and several children from now, your sex will be better than ever. Think of sex as a declining resource; if you do not renew it constantly it will quickly disappear.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron