No Fake Porn For Me

Kara Duhe

No Fake Porn For Me!

Most porn directors go further than I want to go, with girls I don’t want to know. This is why I will never shoot boy/girl porn.

The second reason is that I have met many of these girls that are doing hardcore B/G porn, and they freely admit that they never have real orgasms. The typical porn set is not the place for most girls to get off. There are far too many people and too much bullshit going on. That plus waiting for the director/camera man to set up the matching shot is an erection killer and time waster. Most girls know they can get away with screaming and moaning and no one will call them out for having a fake orgasm, as it is all fake to begin with. So, you get what you pay for, more fake porn.

If you want the real thing (beautiful pussy, having real orgasms), then Come Up to Beauty.

Ron Harris