The Decline of Fake Porn

Holly VanHough

The Decline of Fake Porn

The adult industry thinks the 40% (or more) decline in porn revenue is due to the plethora of free porn on the web. ABC News even did a story saying this is the reason for the decline in porn profits.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This time when the recession hit, instead of porn holding its own, it declined because the viewers decided that free fake porn is the same as the paid for fake porn.

Recessions cause consumers to re-evaluate how they spend their money. They still spend money, but since money is scarce they want value for their money. The recession caused the viewers to re-think the intrinsic value of fake porn.

The porn industry has always had only one answer for declining sales: “Make it more hard-core and disgusting!” Fake porn. Low end quality, low end talent. The audience knows it, as well as the companies that make it. It is time for the porn industry to
come to terms with fake porn that has no redeeming value.

Most porn companies have started of shoot only “Gonzo porn”, (ie: amateur looking porn shot the way anyone with a camera can do.) The problem is anyone with a camera IS shooting “gonzo porn” and it is everywhere. So what is the difference? None!

Within the next two years, only porn sites that have a high-end specialty will survive. I own the young, adorable and all natural “Sex Is Beautiful” girl site genre, I have not felt any significant loss in members or retention, while most of the industry is down over 40%. I know what works and I do not resort to disgusting, fake porn to remain on top.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron