Julia Crown – New Nikon

Julia Crown

Photo Lesson:

I finally got tired of trying to make the photos from the Canon 5D Mark 2 look good. I have been a Canon fan for thirty years. Not any more.

I traded the new 5D 2 in for a Nikon D700 with the 24mm to 120mm and a normal 50mm lens. I am still keeping my old Canon 5D, because it is a great camera. Most of the photos on www.ronharris.com are from this camera.

The Nikon D700 is not as good as the old 5D Canon, but it will be fine. I think I still like the skin tone on the old Canon 5D better. But I am not willing to say that for sure just yet. The first thing that is much better than the Canon are the controls. The Nikon controls are light years ahead of the Canon’s. From the 51 focus points to the screen and the ease of operating the camera, it is superior. The D700 has the same sensor as the D3, but the dynamic range is crippled. I guess Nikon did this to not eat into the sale of the D3 which costs double the price.

But when you expand the dynamic range in Lightroom you can get the same effects. I do this as much as I can with any digital camera, including the 5D. The skin tones are way too red by default. My guess would be that Asians prefer their skin tones to be a little pink and the market for any camera is for the majority of the world’s races. So we with lighter, more Caucasian skin tones, will just have to fix the photos for ourselves.

The photo above of Julia Crown is from the Nikon D700

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