Gracie Glam – See and Be Seen


Seeing and being seen

There are three reasons that fashion is important in our society:

1. Clothing is essential to keep you warm and covered from the elements, protecting you from injury.

2. Your choice of fashion style determines what tribe you belong to, giving you visual cultural identification.

3. For women, it covers the unstable and unattractive, masculine body parts that you wish to hide. For men it allows you to cover the unstable and unattractive body parts that you don’t like, usually those that are feminine.

The purpose of all cosmetics, fashion, exercise, and plastic surgery is to make you look younger and more beautiful. As a fashion photographer for my entire adult life, I have received most of my awards because I discovered and photographed the beauty of Mother Nature. However, that beauty was most often enhanced, (or wholly created), by the application of cosmetics, clothing and carefully considered lighting and other effects.

Now that I am working on my own, I allow myself to concentrate on photographing the beauty of Mother Nature in a more pristine state. I am able to work with beautiful young women, who require minimal camouflage to look radiant.

I vividly remember watching a Chris Rock special on HBO a while ago, in which he accused women of lying, since everything they wear is to change thier true appearance so that you will breed with them. Lipstick, perfume, clothes, hair color, breast implants, lip enlargement, nose reduction, their hair styles, etc. While I find the comedy aspect of Mr. Rock’s dialog very funny and very true, I am not as upset by the fact that women enhance their looks to attract a partner as some men must be.

Seeing and being seen is what we all do. When no one is looking at you as a potential breeding partner, your inner wisdom sends you the message that the organism knows it is dying and starts to give you the pain that will kill you. When someone is no longer able to reproduce, their bodies start to deteriorate and then the signs that we call Old Age begin to manifest; bone loss, degenerative diseases, loss of mental clarity and even cancer, start to eat away at your body.

I have spent most of my life around beautiful supermodels and female editors from all the major women’s fashion magazines. I was even Gloria Steinem‘s sexual partner in 1961. I have listened to women and what they are really saying, and learned that whenever a woman says that she is not concerned with her looks, what she really means is that she is doing something that enhances her looks. You see, when a woman is no longer concerned with her looks and doesn’t do anything to make herself look better, that means she is no longer interested in living. Since women as a rule are as interested in remaining alive as men are, you have to look at what she is actually doing, not what she is saying to learn the truth. As always, the actions speak louder than the words.

Come up to beauty – Ron