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Meggan Mallone

Mother Nature drives us to produce children, as I have already discussed. The Theory of Sexual Selection pushes us to procreate with an aim to produce more beautiful children than we were. This is all part of the evolutionary process.

As the traits of beauty are based on physical structure, including the balance between elliptical and spherical elements in the human body, and how much strength these measurements lend to the human body, we are continuously striving to produce generation after generation of superior human beings. However, just the physical state of our children and our children’s children alone, will not ensure this natural and required progression of the human species as evolution is constantly progressing. The mind must also be attuned to progress.

Intelligence plays a role in survival, as much as physical attributes do. Where the United States is failing is in promoting education for our children, once we have brought them into the world. The world has changed, and if you are American, you are already behind most of the emerging nations like China, India, and Venezuela. These and other new nations have a populace that works harder, studies harder, and is more motivated than you are, and that is also going to affect how well your children do as they grow and
procreate themselves.

The latest results available from the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA), are worth reading. This study is always based over a five year research cycle, the next full study will be completed in 2011. The easy to read condensed version of the full report that follows is courtesy of the American Institute of Physics:

“The 2007 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) report has been released, and the results are decidedly mixed. While average United States math scores have risen from 1995 levels, average science scores have stagnated. Moreover, the US continues to lag behind a number of European and Asian nations.”

The Following statistics are based on the participation of 10,350 fourth graders at 257 schools and 9,723 eighth graders at 239 schools;

“Average fourth and eighth grade US math scores rank among the top third of nations participating. Nations with an average fourth grade math score significantly higher than the US were Hong Kong (607), Singapore(599), Chinese Taipei (576), Japan (568), Kazakhstan (549), Russian Federation (544), England (541), and Latvia (537). Nations not measurably different than the US average included the Netherlands (535), and Germany (525).

Nations with a significantly higher average eighth grade math score were Chinese Taipei (598), Republic of Korea (597), Singapore (593), Hong Kong (572), and Japan (570). Those nations not measurably different than the US included England (513), and the Russian Federation (512).

Average fourth and eighth grade US science scores rank among the top quarter of nations participating. Nations with a significantly higher average fourth grade science score were Singapore (587), Chinese Taipei (557), Hong Kong (554), and Japan (548).

Nations with an average fourth grade science score similar to the US included the Russian Federation (546), England (542), and Italy (535).

Nations with average eighth grade science scores significantly higher than the US were Singapore (567), Chinese Taipei (561), Japan (554), Republic of Korea (553), England (542), Hungary (539), Czech Republic(539), Slovenia (538), and the Russian Federation (530). Nations not showing a measurable difference than the US included Hong Kong (530), and Australia (515).”

This next century will see the Chinese, the Arabs and the Blacks come into their own. These cultures have a different set of values and will probably help set into motion the destruction of many of our most beloved social institutions.

James Burke, Ph.D., who did the ‘Connections’ series for PBS, had predicted the fall of most of our social institutions primarily because of how the Internet will impact knowledge. If these nations continue to match or move ahead of the United States and European countries in mathematics and science, it is only logical that the technological advances will also come from these societies and that their associated cultures will influence everyone that is introduced to those advances in technology via global communications, such as the Internet, as well as the way people exchange information of a more personal nature on the Internet now.

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