Nikita – Gravity is God


There is growing evidence that space travel outside of our Solar System and into the space between stars is impossible. I know you have been programmed by Steven Spielberg and Hollywood to believe that space travel is the new frontier. It is time for you to give up these romantic notions that our society uses to control you. There is no higher power, no magic, no space travel, no ET. Give it up. You will be much better off if you learn how nature works and deal directly with the power. Gravity is the closest thing that exists to the human perception of God.

To travel in space you must be born there. Six months is space leads to bone loss that might not be reversible. A year in space would make you unable to crawl when you got there, wherever there may be. But assuming that they find a way to add artificial gravity to your space journey. There is still the problem of the fact that atoms are like balloons, which change size based upon the total mass of the solar system in which they exist. If the mass of a solar system is greater than ours, then the atoms are smaller, or if the mass is less the atoms are bigger. This is the fundamental basis of Einstein’s E=Mc2. When your space ship starts to go between solar systems it is going to the space between solar systems where the mass is non-existant and the atoms of which you are made would simply disintigrate since there would be no mass to keep them together.

Every step you take is in response to a fall toward earth; your next step catches the fall. Every muscle in your body has been created under the effects of gravity so that you may run and walk around. The latest research from the space shuttle has shown that tadpoles born in space have their heads in the wrong place. When plants are grown in space, their roots go in all directions. Without gravity pulling on atoms and our DNA, there is no possibility of life.

I have often thought that the Catholic Church, and all of our other religions, knew for thousands of years that gravity is God. The sign of the cross is a perfect example: You symbolize the Father as you point up to our sun, the Son as you point down to the earth under your feet.

The Holy Ghost, (or the unseen force of nature), is in the horizontal crossing you make to form the finished cross. Though unseen, these great thinkers could readily see signs of this force of nature in their water glasses. When you tilt the glass, the water remains horizontal with the ground. This is because gravity exerts its force and will keep the water in a set pattern, relative to the force. And, of course, the only force that science has been unable to measure is gravity. Gravity cannot be blocked, so it passes through everything and, at the same time, it affects all matter and life on earth.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron