Kara Duhe – Photo Lesson

Kara Duhe

Photo Lesson:

Kara Duhe is under a long-term, exclusive contract to my company. I have only found one girl (Kara Duhe!) who has all the attributes that makes a great model. Personality, natural beauty, an honestly beautiful smile and a perfect, healthy body. She is also not a slut. Kara is my members’ favorite model and my personal muse.

Picking models is probably the most important aspect of taking good photographs. No matter how connected you are to model agents and how well respected you are, it is finding the model that will give you her best and that looks good on camera. Getting and picking only the best, is the trick.

In the last 13 years (my first site was live on the web May 21, 1996), I have found the most beautiful models available to shoot. Sometimes I also have had trouble finding the “perfect” model, but I’ve learned to work with all types of personalities. I never give up and neither should you. Keep looking they do exist, but they are hard to find. You should also remember that YOU will have to change to get a model to work well with you. Sometimes a potentially perfect model is already right in front of you; you just don’t know how to work with her.

And if you are looking for a girl friend like Kara, they you need to begin to make yourself into someone who can match her qualities. The sooner you begin to make your self into a great person the sooner you will find girls like Kara. This is true not only in choosing your models, but also in your personal life.

Come Up to Beauty! – Ron