Holly Van Hough – By Nature

Holly Van Hough

Understanding women is the key to having a good relationship with women. Once you have a good relationship with women, you will have a better life, and you will also have better sex.

If you want to understand why women are the way they are, you need to be enlightened and the best place to start would be with reading “Mother Nature: Natural Selection & The Female of the Species” by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, Phd.

Instead of being like most men and finding it difficult to communicate with your female partner, you will start to understand what is really going on. Women are the ones who buy self-help books to understand you and get what they want from you and from life. The one truth that you need to understand about women is that every woman is a would be mother. Hrdy says in “Mother Nature” : “Mothers are flexible, manipulative, opportunists.”

Women will never tell you the entire truth behind why they do the things they do and why they think the things they think. But if you know what is going on, you will no longer be angry with them because you feel like you are being lied to. You will not expect them to give you what they cannot give. This is the only way to have a completely honest relationship with a woman. And once you understand the motivation behind what women do, you will get more sex.

I have read many books. I have spoken to many people, (both women and men), about life and what they want in life. Most of all, I have listened to many women throughout my life. During the 70 years that I have been alive, I have learned that the statement, “Through Truth you will find Beauty” is probably the single most complete and understandable key to living a better life. And behind that statement is the truth that natural selection has forged every aspect of humankind since the days of “Adam and Eve.” I know that I am on the road to Truth, not bull shit.

There is a book on the market that I found searching Amazon.com today, and which I am going to read. “The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the Evolution of Human Nature” by Geoffrey Miller, Phd, appears to give credence to what I have been saying all along. There is even a name for the field that I have been studying for so long: Evolutionary Psychology. Publishers Weekly says of this book: “Miller looks at several kinds of sexual selection. “Romantic” behavior like the making of complex art wouldn’t have helped our ancestors find more food or avoid predators. It might, however, have helped display the fitness of proto-men for the proto-women with whom they wanted to mate–and vice versa… Miller provides an articulate and memorable case for the role of sexual selection in determining human behaviors.”

After I have read it, I’ll post what I think of “The Mating Mind” and how much it matches with what I have learned through my own education about Darwinism, sexual selection and how much further it takes me to finding Truth and Beauty.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron