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Kara Duhe

Women everywhere understand that “Women’s job is men” LOL. They know all about men and what men want, how men’s minds work, and how to get men to take care of their children. This is all part of the maternal instinct, as Sarah Hardy wrote in her book, “Mother Nature“. In many cases, they even know more about how to keep a man healthy than men know themselves. They get this information from the women’s magazines, on the internet and from listening to their mothers and their grandmothers.

Most men know nothing about women. They don’t try to learn from books, magazines, friends or their fathers. Their father doesn’t know any more about women than his son who is asking the question, so that doesn’t help any way. No wonder men everywhere are complaining that they are not getting enough sex.

Men rarely even know much about themselves. The male body and how to maintain a man’s physical health isn’t the most widely discussed topic in men’s magazines.

Why is a healthy sex life important for a man? Did you know that if you do not empty your prostrate twice a week your risk of getting prostate cancer increases dramatically? This story in WebMD’s News Archive discusses the fact that medical research suggests frequent ejaculation may help protect the prostate. You can read the full report here: http://www.webmd.com/prostate-cancer/news/20040406/frequent-ejaculation-prostate

They forgot to mention that sperm has an “LDL cholesterol profile”, the bad kind of cholesterol, and when you do not get it out of you body, it goes back into the bloodstream as LDL cholesterol which hardens and clogs you arteries. Happy heart attack! LOL

This means that it is in every man’s best interest to learn to understand women. You must put as much effort into understanding as much as you possibly can about women, as they do into understanding men. Not only will it improve your sex, but you will also improve your health!

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