Misty Anderson – What is beauty?

Misty Anderson

What is beauty and why does everyone want it?

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I dislike this statement intensely. On the surface it is true, but the moment this and other cliches are spoken, the conversation stops.

I am an expert as to what beauty is and I tell you now that it is measurable and quantifiable. It is mathematical, and, when you know what beauty is, you can predict the outcome of many relationships, especially long term male-female relationships.

If you want healthy attractive children you need to know how this works. After all, procreation is the driving force behind everything women and men do. I will repeat myself many times, because this is the key to living a better life and having better sex: What is the key to understanding women? All women are would be mothers!

In 1972 Rene Thom, (one of the Worlds leading mathematicians) said in his book “‘Structural Stability and Morphogenesis’, “The masculine sex has a more elliptic nature than the feminine sex: perhaps this can explain why males are more hairy than their mates and are biologically more fragile”. [pg. 99]

As an amateur scientist and a professional artist at the top of my profession, I was immediately struck by Mr. Thom’s profound statement. This idea became my passion and has brought me closer than I would ever have dreamed to an understanding of life.

Shapes, particularly spherical and elliptical designs, are the best measure of the human form. With this ability to measure the human body, it becomes very easy to understand the fundamental difference between men and women.

I realized that what Mr. Thom was saying about male and female organs could just as easily be said about the fundamental shapes of their bodies. Consequently it should be possible to measure the shapes of our cells to ascertain the structural stability of our individual bodies, giving us new insight into our longevity and behavior.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron