Keeping Sex Alive

Nikki Brooks

No I am not Hugh Heffner and as much as you might think that I have sex with the girls I shoot, nothing could be further from the truth. The girls are safe with me, I never try to seduce them, I don’t even touch them. It is important to me that my reputation is impeccable. Because of my reputation, I am able to get the newest and freshest girls, because their agents know that shooting with me is a safe and pleasant introduction into the business. I often hear from new girls that they have heard from other girls that their photo shoots with me were the best shoots they’ve ever had. You would be wise to adopt the same ethics that I do, when you are working with models. You will get top quality models to work with you.

But after 40 years of shooting women, I have learned to understand women. When I talk about sex and what you need to know to have better sex, it is not from the fact that I have taken advantage of any of the women that pose for my camera. It is because I listen and learn from the women that are before my camera and from my own experiences in my personal life.

Most people do not understand that everything in nature is either growing or dying. This is particularly true with sex. Both parties must be working on experimenting and prolonging the sexual karma that you have. I will show you how to do this, so that 10 years and several children from now, your sex will be better than ever. Think of sex as a declining resource; if you do not renew it constantly it will quickly disappear.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron