Faye Valentine – Look Around!

Look around you at your family and friends. If you see only happy people, you do not need this philosophy of living site. If, on the other hand, you see unhappy people, drinking or drugging themselves to sleep every night, who have given up on achieving happiness, whose life is over, then you need this. If you listen carefully and work hard, you will get everything you ever wanted or need.

I have everything I ever wanted and I am very happy. I use no drugs. I hurt no one. I abuse no one. I try to improve the life of everyone that is close to me. To be my friend or partner guarantees that your life will get better and you will get the things you want without lying, cheating, or stealing. No one will get hurt and you will get just about everything you want.

Impossible, you say? You may be right. If you think you cannot achieve what I have, then you cannot achieve it. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, said, “There are two kinds of people, those who think they can and those who think they cannot. And they are both right”. LOL

I am 70 years old, I am healthy, wealthy, and strong. I am also having the best sex of my entire life (most men my age cannot get it up). I am doing what I love best, photographing beautiful young girls for my Internet sites and taking nude photography to a whole new level. Not a re-hash of photos that have been done since cameras were invented in the 1850s, but a new way of looking at the beauty of mother nature, that empowers you with an understanding of how she works.

You do not need to be a scientist or mathematician to understand how everything works, but you must have a curious and open mind. I will show you what makes women stronger than men and what shapes of women’s bodies turn men and women on. This site is devoted to helping men understand who and what women are, (would be mothers). Along the way you will understand who you are. If you want the scientific, anthropological explanation, then go to Amazon.com and buy “Mother Nature” by Sara Blaffer Hardy, Ph.D. This is a profound book that is being used in many institutes of higher learning around the world.

Come Up To Beauty – Ron