Kara Duhe – What Women Want

Kara Duhe

Why are women always unhappy?

When I was a young man, I overheard a conversation about “What Women Want”. It ended with the conclusion, “Women want a baby and an asshole to pay for it all”.

After thinking about this for 50 years, I have come to the same conclusion. But it is not enough to know the answer to the question “What Women Want”, what’s more important is to discover why this is true.

As a fashion photographer for most of my life, I did at least 3,000 makeover photo sessions for women’s magazines such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Vogue. I learned that women read women’s fashion magazines to compare their bodies to the supermodels. Women want to see what the supermodels have that they do not have, and why the supermodels get the most desirable men. ie: Money, Power and Looks.

An attractive woman can get the kind of man she wants, but the less attractive a woman is, the less likely it is that she is going to get her ideal man. Women have two criteria when looking for a man. One, a man must have a job or have the knowledge and drive to get one. And, two, he must have a body that compliments hers, so that her baby will not have the same unattractive features that she thinks she has.

Short, fat women always want tall, thin men if they have the attractiveness or money, (although women hate paying for sex), to get their ideal man. A woman who does not like her big, disproportionate nose seeks a man with a small, perfectly proportioned nose, and so on. However, if the man is prettier than the woman, the woman has no power over him. Most smart women know they must have sexual power over their man. The man may be paying the bills, but in America women are the CEOs of the family.

Since women must make up their mind on who would provide them with the most beautiful children before they are thirty-five, they have a limited time frame in which to get what they need. Granted, women can have babies after thirty-five, but the likelihood of the baby having defective genes is much greater after thirty-five. Ten percent of an eighteen year old woman’s genes are defective, and this rises to ninety percent defective genes after a woman reaches thirty-five. The more a woman smokes and drinks, the faster her genes deteriorate. This is also true of a man’s sperm as you get older, but the time frame for a man is longer, sometimes into their seventies.

Since most women are not supermodels, they realize early on that their choices are limited. The more unattractive, obese and old they are, the less likely they will get what they want. It is similar to guys who are not great looking and have no money. They are going to have to settle for less than they desire.

So let’s look at why women are always unhappy. (I think that this can be said with some degree of truth, since most anti-depressant drugs are sold to women). Every year in a woman’s life makes her look older and more unattractive, so every year, when they leave the house (and check their ass in the mirror), they realize time is running out on them. The cosmetic industry is one of the biggest in the world. Most skin products promise to remove wrinkles and make women look younger. This is completely understandable, when taken into account that almost every year women become less desirable. Men also begin to look older and, subsequently, have a more difficult time getting women. But men tend to make more money as they get older, and women need money to take care of their children.

The latest statistics from genetic testing show that fifteen percent of the fathers that are listed on a birth certificate are not the actual fathers. (FYI – women who cheat on
their mates are most likely to do it during the final week before their period, when they are most likely to get pregnant).

Now what do women want? Erase from your mind that being a great lover with a big dick is what women want. Most women prefer their vibrator and close their eyes when they are coming. (Men never close there eyes when they are coming.) If you are not independently wealthy already, you will have to have a job, or the ability and determination to get one. And you will have to offer a woman your good genes that will give her beautiful children.

If you are a man and looking for a women to take care of you “like your mother did”, then you are probably going to be disappointed. Women love their children before you. In a woman’s priority list, first she takes care of herself, then her children, and then you, if you are lucky. If you have not provided for her in the way she expected to be taken care of and have not been the perfect husband, then you will move further down the pecking order of a woman’s dance card.

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