Nikki Brooks – FINALLY!

Nikki Brooks

Not every shoot goes exactly as you would like it to. After a couple of duds, we finally got lucky with Nikki Brooks. This brunette is a ball of fire that we found in Florida. She’s free as a bird, full of life and she’s lusty. The team and I had a great time with her.

Nikki gave us two absolutely stunning dual orgasms on video and we produced six photo sets for, and they were all done by 1 pm. When you have a great model and everything clicks between you and the girl, things go smoothly and you wrap ahead of schedule.

My website members are going to love this girl. Nikki has a great body, (fabulously hot, natural breasts and a beautiful va-jay-jay), along with her sweet and endearing personality. She’s smart too, just the way we all like them.

Students of life and sex will want to listen carefully to the backstage video and learn what turns Nikki on, (you might find out something you need to know about women in what she’s saying.) Men get confused when it comes to what attracts women and how to turn them on sexually. No, this is not about sports, cars or the latest video game: It is about how to keep your girl wanting more SEX.

Women know more about you than you could ever imagine. Every woman’s magazine is telling them what to do to seduce you and get you to tow the line. It is time for you to wake up and find the rainbow that you have been missing. Through my websites and this blog, (and some other projects that are in the works), we will help you find the way. 🙂

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