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Misty Anderson

If you went to Harvard Business School, you would learn in Business 101 that when industries mature only the best of the businesses in that industry survive.

Now that the adult industry is mature and the world wide economy is tanking. The industry as a whole is reported to be down by approximately forty percent (40%) since last September.

It has been over twelve years since I set out to present the best Erotic internet sites in the world, and it is obvious that my sites are still proving that “only the best survive”. Sales are rising on all of my sites, and we are doing better this past February and March than we were last September.

Part of the reason why my sites are still outperforming so many others, is because of the beautiful girls that I shoot and how I am able to make them feel, so they reveal their true beauty.

Misty Anderson is a perfect example. She’s beautiful, sexy, smart and very together. What a dream come true. About every two years or so, there is one that comes through my doors: a girl who is really a supermodel and a super person. I shot nine test photos in two minutes with Misty, and this is one of them.

I have her scheduled for a full shoot next Wednesday and I know our shooting will be very special.

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