Kara Duhe – Spheres and Beauty

Kara Duhe

In the last blog post, I was talking about the mathematics of beauty and that it is quantifiable and measurable.

To all of us living in the 21st Century, Beauty is defined by the shape, symmetry and spatial proportion of the subject. Shapes, particularly spherical and elliptical designs, are the best measure of the human form. With this ability to measure the human body, it becomes very easy to understand the fundamental difference between men and women.

The female anatomy is more spherical than that of the male. This means that the female biology has more structural strength than the male. Pound for pound they are stronger. Ask your dentist who can withstand the most pain? The female body can withstand more G forces than males. In World War II, only men suffered from shell shock.

Males are more susceptible to genetic disorders such as Hemophilia and color blindness, and even left-handedness. In most encounters, I’ve noticed that men are more emotional than women. Women experience less physical and emotional pain than men do. Childbirth would probably kill a man.

Take a long, straight, silky piece of hair. If you examine a cross section of the hair, you will find it is near to being perfectly round.

Take a curly piece of hair and you will find that the cross section is elliptical. An elliptical shape can curve, whereas a round spherical shape cannot. The instability causes the hair to curl; thus, it is unstable.

A similar example would be a drinking straw. When the straw is straight the cross section is a near perfect circle. As you bend the straw, the sections at or near the bend become more elliptical until it becomes so unstable that the straw collapses at the bend, which is the most elliptical and weakest point. Mathematically speaking an ellipse is nothing more than a failed sphere.

As a generalization, the most desired women in the world have long, strong, straight hair. Most of today’s supermodels have long, straight hair.

By understanding how the mathematics of Beauty work, you begin to understand Mother Nature as a whole. Once you understand Mother Nature, you will begin to understand life, and how to have a better life yourself.

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