Kara Duhe – Sexual Selection

Kara Duhe

Kara Duhe, our exclusive model, has the sweetest smile. And can you tell it is real? 🙂 Look at all of the photos on her official site, KaraDuhe.com, and you will see that she is truly happy in all of her photo sets and videos.

Most photography, and especially erotic photography, is so fake it turns me off the moment I see it. I actually know photographers that tell everyone that they only shoot “genuine emotions and real orgasms”. The problem is they, themselves, are so fake that they do not know the difference between fake and real any more.

As a director/photographer it is my duty to get from the model all that she is capable of giving. I don’t demand it. I work with the girls to help them express themselves. I try to make their photography session the most pleasurable experience for them that I can. I make it easy for them to “give it up” for the camera.

The Chemistry of Attraction: Do you know that I can tell what body type you are attracted to in a mate by looking at you? I have spent most of my life studying the beauty of Mother Nature and attraction. Darwin called it “Sexual Selection“, and I have been fascinated by it to the point that I now have a theory of “Sexual Selection” that works. Want to know how it works? Then keep coming back to my blog and you will start to understand how Mother Nature is guiding you, even if you don’t realize it.

The first element is looking at who you are attracted to and honestly asking yourself if you have what it takes to get the man/woman of your dreams. Most of us settle for far less than what we really desire and this is what causes most relationships to break up.

Stay tuned and you will know the truth behind the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I will strip away the political correctness that is denying you true happiness. 🙂

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