Meggan Mallone – Test Scores

Meggan Mallone

Mother Nature drives us to produce children, as I have already discussed. The Theory of Sexual Selection pushes us to procreate with an aim to produce more beautiful children than we were. This is all part of the evolutionary process.

As the traits of beauty are based on physical structure, including the balance between elliptical and spherical elements in the human body, and how much strength these measurements lend to the human body, we are continuously striving to produce generation after generation of superior human beings. However, just the physical state of our children and our children’s children alone, will not ensure this natural and required progression of the human species as evolution is constantly progressing. The mind must also be attuned to progress.

Intelligence plays a role in survival, as much as physical attributes do. Where the United States is failing is in promoting education for our children, once we have brought them into the world. The world has changed, and if you are American, you are already behind most of the emerging nations like China, India, and Venezuela. These and other new nations have a populace that works harder, studies harder, and is more motivated than you are, and that is also going to affect how well your children do as they grow and
procreate themselves.

The latest results available from the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA), are worth reading. This study is always based over a five year research cycle, the next full study will be completed in 2011. The easy to read condensed version of the full report that follows is courtesy of the American Institute of Physics:

“The 2007 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) report has been released, and the results are decidedly mixed. While average United States math scores have risen from 1995 levels, average science scores have stagnated. Moreover, the US continues to lag behind a number of European and Asian nations.”

The Following statistics are based on the participation of 10,350 fourth graders at 257 schools and 9,723 eighth graders at 239 schools;

“Average fourth and eighth grade US math scores rank among the top third of nations participating. Nations with an average fourth grade math score significantly higher than the US were Hong Kong (607), Singapore(599), Chinese Taipei (576), Japan (568), Kazakhstan (549), Russian Federation (544), England (541), and Latvia (537). Nations not measurably different than the US average included the Netherlands (535), and Germany (525).

Nations with a significantly higher average eighth grade math score were Chinese Taipei (598), Republic of Korea (597), Singapore (593), Hong Kong (572), and Japan (570). Those nations not measurably different than the US included England (513), and the Russian Federation (512).

Average fourth and eighth grade US science scores rank among the top quarter of nations participating. Nations with a significantly higher average fourth grade science score were Singapore (587), Chinese Taipei (557), Hong Kong (554), and Japan (548).

Nations with an average fourth grade science score similar to the US included the Russian Federation (546), England (542), and Italy (535).

Nations with average eighth grade science scores significantly higher than the US were Singapore (567), Chinese Taipei (561), Japan (554), Republic of Korea (553), England (542), Hungary (539), Czech Republic(539), Slovenia (538), and the Russian Federation (530). Nations not showing a measurable difference than the US included Hong Kong (530), and Australia (515).”

This next century will see the Chinese, the Arabs and the Blacks come into their own. These cultures have a different set of values and will probably help set into motion the destruction of many of our most beloved social institutions.

James Burke, Ph.D., who did the ‘Connections’ series for PBS, had predicted the fall of most of our social institutions primarily because of how the Internet will impact knowledge. If these nations continue to match or move ahead of the United States and European countries in mathematics and science, it is only logical that the technological advances will also come from these societies and that their associated cultures will influence everyone that is introduced to those advances in technology via global communications, such as the Internet, as well as the way people exchange information of a more personal nature on the Internet now.

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Meggan Mallone – Mars & Venus

Meggan Mallone/Meggan Powers

“Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus”, was a best selling book, because it helps you understand what works and how you can get what you want from life. What I will attempt to do is show you the true mathematical and predictable way Mother Nature works, which is the biology behind the book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus“.

I will show you how you can see and understand everything by looking at the shapes of nature. Nature shapes everything we perceive and that impacts our perceptions of beauty. Whether we are discussing women or flowers, fine art or contemporary fashion photography, supermodels or my own models, mathematics of proportion and shape are laid out by Mother Nature, to provide us with clues to an object’s physical stability and ultimate evolutionary survival.

Through this blog, we will continue our journey together in pursuit of the truth that we can measure and prove. If we understand how the organism works, we are much more likely to achieve our ultimate goal of getting better looking children than we are to the next generation, and beyond. This is our destiny: to keep evolving.

Helen Fisher Ph.D., Anthropology, in her book, “The Anatomy of Love“, says the most important act you can perform is that of making love, for it is only with this act that you can transfer your genes to the next generation. And, of course, the scientific definition of life is the ability to reproduce. Most people in old folk’s homes say the most important thing in their whole life was having their children and grandchildren.

There is, of course, another way to help evolution. That is by changing our perceptions and beliefs so that the next generation does not make the same mistakes we have made. Many intellectuals have opted to leave their teachings for the next generation rather than their genes.

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Danni Cole – Church, Science

Danni Cole

The Catholic Church, Art, Beauty and Science

It has been said that the Catholic Church was always vehemently against science. Much of the argument is based on the censure of Galileo in 1612 by Father Tommaso Caccini, who declared that Galileo could not teach his theory that the Sun sat at the center of the Universe and that each planet in our solar system traveled in an elliptical pattern. This was contrary to the church teachings that the Earth was the center if the Universe and the planets all moved in perfect circles around the Earth. When Galileo was ordered to appear before the Holy Office of Rome in 1632 his ideas put forth in Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems was found suspicious of heresy by a papal trial.

While Galileo had trouble with the Roman Church, not all scientists had that experience. During the Renaissance period in the 1450’s, the Catholic Church commissioned many studies. Each one was aimed at trying to find the truth of our origins and how the world works. When you look closely, it seems that what the Church was interested in finding was not just how things work, they were truly interested in discovering the true form of God, since the bible says God created man in his own image. The Church had been the keeper of all the scientific information throughout the dark ages and literature from the Renaissance attests to the Church’s obsession to understand Mother Nature, by commissioning nude statues and then dissecting the forms mathematically.

One of the most easily recognized symbols of this obsession is a work of art depicting man in a circle that is used to denote medicine in the twenty-first century. Leonardo is the artist that created that depiction. His Vitruvian Man is in the Vatican vault
collection. This means that the Church did look at mathematics and how the mathematics related to human beauty.

While I believe that Leonard and the Church were wrong in his artful representation of how to mathematically prove beauty, (as Leonardo was trying to fit an ellipses into a sphere), he did get one thing right: The origins of human life were built on the ellipsis.

Most atoms on earth are at least slightly elliptical, due to the force of gravity upon them. It is the mistakes that atoms make under gravity that led to life on earth. Solar systems that have planets in spherical orbits are believed to be dead star systems. Consequently, it is widely believed that life can only be found on solar systems with planets in elliptical orbits. The effect of the elliptical orbits on gravity is the combination that creates life as we know it.

When elliptical atoms combine, their shape causes imperfections in the stacking of the atoms. These slight imperfections are the reason that crystals grown on earth are always unique from one another. On the other hand crystals grown in micro-gravity, always form a perfect crystal. The atoms stay almost perfectly round, because gravity does not work on them. There are a few atoms that are not elliptical, but rather round and stable that can be found on Earth. One is gold, which is, of course, highly sought after.

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Nikita – Gravity is God


There is growing evidence that space travel outside of our Solar System and into the space between stars is impossible. I know you have been programmed by Steven Spielberg and Hollywood to believe that space travel is the new frontier. It is time for you to give up these romantic notions that our society uses to control you. There is no higher power, no magic, no space travel, no ET. Give it up. You will be much better off if you learn how nature works and deal directly with the power. Gravity is the closest thing that exists to the human perception of God.

To travel in space you must be born there. Six months is space leads to bone loss that might not be reversible. A year in space would make you unable to crawl when you got there, wherever there may be. But assuming that they find a way to add artificial gravity to your space journey. There is still the problem of the fact that atoms are like balloons, which change size based upon the total mass of the solar system in which they exist. If the mass of a solar system is greater than ours, then the atoms are smaller, or if the mass is less the atoms are bigger. This is the fundamental basis of Einstein’s E=Mc2. When your space ship starts to go between solar systems it is going to the space between solar systems where the mass is non-existant and the atoms of which you are made would simply disintigrate since there would be no mass to keep them together.

Every step you take is in response to a fall toward earth; your next step catches the fall. Every muscle in your body has been created under the effects of gravity so that you may run and walk around. The latest research from the space shuttle has shown that tadpoles born in space have their heads in the wrong place. When plants are grown in space, their roots go in all directions. Without gravity pulling on atoms and our DNA, there is no possibility of life.

I have often thought that the Catholic Church, and all of our other religions, knew for thousands of years that gravity is God. The sign of the cross is a perfect example: You symbolize the Father as you point up to our sun, the Son as you point down to the earth under your feet.

The Holy Ghost, (or the unseen force of nature), is in the horizontal crossing you make to form the finished cross. Though unseen, these great thinkers could readily see signs of this force of nature in their water glasses. When you tilt the glass, the water remains horizontal with the ground. This is because gravity exerts its force and will keep the water in a set pattern, relative to the force. And, of course, the only force that science has been unable to measure is gravity. Gravity cannot be blocked, so it passes through everything and, at the same time, it affects all matter and life on earth.

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Meggan Malone – Photo Lesson

Meggan Malone

Well I have spent two months trying to get the quality from my new Canon 5D 2 to at least match what I was getting from my old Canon 5D.

I have run numerous tests, bought prime lens (which I never use) and tried all kinds of new RAW conversion software. And I am finally giving up and will be using the new camera as backup only.

The photos are not sharp and the skin tones are terrible with the Canon 5D2. I have been shooting nude photos for 13 years and have shot tens of thousands of photos in that time. I deal with girls of many ethnic backgrounds and girls with many variations of a suntan and the only camera that I can get great skin-tones from is the Canon 5D1. I hope Canon fixes the problem with their new editions.

Come Up to Beauty – Ron

Kara Duhe – Photo Lesson

Kara Duhe

Photo Lesson:

Kara Duhe is under a long-term, exclusive contract to my company. I have only found one girl (Kara Duhe!) who has all the attributes that makes a great model. Personality, natural beauty, an honestly beautiful smile and a perfect, healthy body. She is also not a slut. Kara is my members’ favorite model and my personal muse.

Picking models is probably the most important aspect of taking good photographs. No matter how connected you are to model agents and how well respected you are, it is finding the model that will give you her best and that looks good on camera. Getting and picking only the best, is the trick.

In the last 13 years (my first site was live on the web May 21, 1996), I have found the most beautiful models available to shoot. Sometimes I also have had trouble finding the “perfect” model, but I’ve learned to work with all types of personalities. I never give up and neither should you. Keep looking they do exist, but they are hard to find. You should also remember that YOU will have to change to get a model to work well with you. Sometimes a potentially perfect model is already right in front of you; you just don’t know how to work with her.

And if you are looking for a girl friend like Kara, they you need to begin to make yourself into someone who can match her qualities. The sooner you begin to make your self into a great person the sooner you will find girls like Kara. This is true not only in choosing your models, but also in your personal life.

Come Up to Beauty! – Ron